Dear Hypomanic Wife

I can’t stop thinking about this post.

Dialogue from the Depths

Dear Hypomanic Lee,
I’m not afraid of you
And you don’t need to be afraid of me.
There are a few things I’d like you to hear
Particularly that you have nothing to fear.

Although I wanted to try this challenge of basic rhyme,
I really ought to pause because it’s taking a lot more time.
But maybe in your reply,
You might like to give it a try.
It’s clear how creative and talented you are,
You will always be MY star!
Thank you for doing the laundry and helping kids every morn’,
My appreciation is never ending, even though expressing it isn’t always the norm (anagram of morn’) 😉

I was never good at rhyme. You definitely are. When we chatted the last few days, you seem scared to admit that you might be in “fast fwd” – I get it.  You appeared worried that I…

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  1. dyane

    I’ve interacted with Lee’s husband on my blog a bit, and he’s obviously cares so much about his wife and loves her. I must admit I’m jealous as I’d like my husband to write something like this for me…BUT I’m not jealous in a mean way.

    It’s good to know there’s loving and caring like this in our world!!!!

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