She Grows My Soul-Friend Series Part 4

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something other

something sweet

without her

there would be vast expanses of my self

that never had anyone to talk to

to understand

to see

to know

to be

This friendship is sparklingly crystally profoundly




journeying together

in a way

like no other

none other

She is spirit fire and dew

she is the purest truest….


Her words are like no others

her thoughts like no others

her comforting words and encouragements and wisdoms

like no others

and she drops them for me

like gentle raindrops

onto my life

just when I need them

magically always

right when I need them

in the way that I need them

as if she sees



my heart





and true

a friendship rooted in childhood

in the hearts of little girls

and grown




every conversation with her grows me

grows my soul a little bit more

she makes me think

she makes me feel my heart

know my heart

like no one else

if you met her you would see exactly what I mean

the energy from her is soothing

her eyes pure

her words soft

her life is her art

she is an artist of living beautifully



and I simply don’t know what I would do without her

but I would be less

she is my soul sister

she is a true gift

a jewel of a human being

and a star shine of a friend

no one else knows this side of me

this light

this striving

this swath of the depth of my soul

the love

is always

hard to believe a person like her

actually exists on this planet

that I actually have access to her voice and heart

and that she is like me

but not me

same silk

hard to believe she exists

but she does


she does

thank god

she does







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  1. dyane

    Wow – this is totally beautiful! I have a friend like this one. So grateful for her. I’d like to send her this. (She isn’t into blogging or Facebook or Twitter like us, so she’s not like me, LOL! But I adore her all the same.)


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