Searching for Balance Embracing Challenge


I feel ambivalent here…because I’m not sure I want to do this right now…and I don’t want to make a big thing about it with a post all about it HA

but I know how I am

and it is time for another small break

a cave

a retreat

I’ve learned that taking time off from all of it…not just writing but also the internet and just thinking so much about Bipolar

actually gives me more motivation

and less

buzzy manicky overstimulatedness

which is welcome

My ambivalence is that the last few weeks I was craving silence and stillness and a break very desperately and for some reason decided yesterday is when I would start….

it is a rhythmic collective time when a lot of people explore something deeper…

it is also winter which as I said in I Want To Hold Hands With the Silence in My Head…..always feels to me like a time for inner work…exploration…and deeper meanings.

Sorry to sound all precious and navel gazing and deep shit about it

but it works for me

and I’m encouraged to still do it.

And I know that for my head and my health and my heart I need an internet break….

And a Bipolar break

which I know sounds dumb because there are no Bipolar breaks but I know what I mean

Just trying to keep all my shit together ya know

I’ll miss you

I’ll think about you

I’ll be back

And now I have faith in you guys that you


or I’ll cry

If you’re new around here and like what you’re reading I really encourage you to browse around through the archives.

To be totally honest I have written about everything I set out to write about.

There is only one thing on my original list that I haven’t hit on and I’m kind of holding it in case I lose ALL inspiration one day and want to write but have nothing to say.

I’ll probably always have something to say

the point of saying that was not to say that I am anywhere near done with this blog

new inspiration arises

and things evolve

and I love this

what I meant by saying that is that this Blog is full of my original intent and all of the ideas I wanted to share and if you missed that…..well you get my point HA. Read ME.

And I’m going to write a bit on my other blog, Differently Ordered if I feel the itch….in a vacuum of sorts

figured going cold turkey on the writing thing might backfire on me

so if you miss my crazy you can come read me there.


See you all soon

(I wonder if I can actually do this!)



Peace Love and Keeping Your Shit Together




Add Yours
  1. theturtle

    Well , do what you have to do 🙂
    We’ll be here (still lots to read) and there on the other one (if and when you feel like writing) . Nature takes breaks , why shouldn’t we 😉
    Turtle Hugs ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andy Smart

    Hiya Claya > Well I’m sure we’ll all miss you but having a break is an essential part of life otherwise we get too many cobwebs > Did you say cave? I love caving. If you ever want to be immersed completely in the moment and blow any negativity out of your system its caving. It cleans you out like you are part of the earth. I’ve got you RSS’d so I’ll watch out for when you come back 🙂 Have a good un and be safe 🙂


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