Help me understand the awards stuff

this is not a good post.  This is just a questionguys I don’t get it.

What is the deal with the awards stuff?

I never know what to do.

I think people have tried to nominate me or something before and that is so sweet but I don’t get it and there are so many directions involved and I just feel weird.

And then some people choose to be “an award free blog” and may even have it posted on their homepage “this is an award free blog”

and I don’t know why people do that either.

Anybody want to explain it to me.


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  1. Leslie

    I have no idea where the awards come from. That said, I have chosen to be awards-free because the directions stress me out. It’s wonderful to know that someone appreciates my blog, but I can’t deal with the tagging and nominating.

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  2. lolabipola

    I decided to be award free, and posted that on my home page, because it just makes me feel awkward. And the directions make me so anxious, I almost want to vomit.

    It is nice to know people appreciate your words, but I’d prefer they just hit like on a post, or commented…

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  3. dyane

    At first I was very flattered and did the whole awards thing. Then it became an obligation rather than a joy, and I stopped doing it since I’m easily stressed out, wouldn’t ya know.

    I didn’t want to post a meme that said “Award-Free blog” as I find that a bit off-putting. I guess people who use that get offered a shitload of awards, maybe? Not me. Once a great, long while I’m contacted about an award, and then when that happens, I personally answer that blogger and explain where I’m at and thank him/her.

    I award you, amazing Claya, the invisible BEAUTIFUL GREEN BUTTERFLY award and you don’t need to do a damn thing! 😉 But it means I support you and will try to retweet you whenever I can, LOL! XOXOXOX

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  4. darie73

    I have felt torn about the Awards thing also. I’m extremely honored until I get to the directions and it sounds like a Chain Letter. At that time I’m confused and frustrated. Sometimes if I’m nominated by someone I interact with I’ll be honest about it and say thank you but I can’t. That usually works out well. People understand.

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  5. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes

    The awards are invented by other bloggers, its a very good way to network when you are just starting out. I still do them now, because to me its highlighting other blogs (I try and do bloggers who have less than a 1000 followers.) With award free blogs, sometimes its because it doesn’t fit into their blog, other times its because they find it too time consuming. I much prefer when someone has on their blog they are award free.

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  6. lisamariagardiner

    I’m glad you asked this. As a relatively newbie I didn’t have a clue what to do with them – so I always acknowledged and thanked and then placed them on my “invisible shelf” that’s great cos it never needs dusting 😁

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