Fuck you very much you Silly PsychDoc

Okay come on now

Yes we all know by now that psychiatrists all say different things

and remember I have seen 10…firing them off at my own volition until I have found one worth the ugly couch you sit upon.

don’t you love the ones that have chairs…

it’s so different so inspired so fresh and unpsychoanalytic

and I love how they say with a self satisified smile

“oh sit wherever you like!”

all like “Look how cool and relaxed and in touch I am”


psychiatrists make us crazy

but what is also so dementingly infuriating is how one Pdoc contradicts himself


others have done this

and my current one does this

and when I call him out he makes shit up and covers himself with stuff like…

“well I said that because X Y or Z was happening”

and I’m like “No it wasn’t you said this…”

and on and on

and it’s totally fucking pointless

because we all know

i’m crazy

and he’s the doc

we could just check the notes and see what was said….


but anyway he contradicts himself on stuff like…

what my long term med should be…

which med is more damaging for my liver



etc etc etc

ya know

important shit like that

and I’m like

W T F M F !!!!!!!!

because all of these things are important.

we’re talking about the longterm health of our ENTIRE bodies

and I don’t know about you all

but I want to make it all the way to the end of this crazy beautiful life!

I know

I’m weird like that

and these meds are serious

and we are faced with decisions all of the time

and it would BE NICE to have A DOCTOR

help us out.


I will say though That I Like this Pdoc

I do

Yeah he’s got a power trip thing

and he does this contradicting himself thing

but I like his approach to meds

he gives me the meds I want and know I need

he says deep shit

he’s got a lot of experience with Bipolars

and he’s fucking smart

and that matters to me

so ya know

Nothing is perfect

I just hope my liver is actually okay

that silly SOB



Peace Love and those FUCKING Pdocs






Add Yours
  1. Jess Melancholia

    I need to change my pdoc. She always asks me what meds I think I should take and if she is uncertain of my choice she just piles on the old ones I’m using and hopes for the best. This is my first one but God I really don’t want to have to hunt down another one.

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  2. Andy Smart

    I did CBT for a while and found the smugness of the therapist really irritating. He double booked my first appointment and laughed about it then chose the other person waiting instead of me. I was spiking with anxiety at the time and had been up on one for about 2 weeks. It took all of my energy to get there as it was in the centre of town. I almost wanted to strangle him.

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  3. Bipolarbrainiac

    I have a superior liver practice from Edgar Cayce readings (holistic from the 1940’s way before 70’s health craze) here’s what you do, buy a square flannel cloth about size of a manila envelope. Saturate with castor oil and put it on your upper right side of abdomen. Then take a heating pad and put on high or medium and lay down or put it on while you write with an elastic belt. This brings oxygen to the area. You’ll see when you take it off your liver is red. The toxins are flushed out without your liver having to metabolize some sort of chemical or flush. This takes a load off the liver, colon and pancreas. After 25 years of many psych and tardive dyskinesia meds, my LFT’s are normal and immune system totally robust.

    Allison Strong
    check out the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach for more interesting health readings by Edgar Cayce. Mom cured self of rheumatoid arthritis with his diet and castor oil pack. It’s gross but totally worth it.

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