Language and stuff

Disclaimer! Do not take medical advice from the internet.  This site is not medical advice.

And people, these are opinions and generalizations. And some silliness.


I thought I needed to write about the language that I use on this site. Language is always tricky when discussing people with illnesses.  I don’t want to offend anyone and I don’t like a lot of the words but until I can invent my own language I’ve got to work with what we’ve got.

I am Bipolar versus I have Bipolar Disorder

This is a very personal choice for a lot of people with Bipolar. I completely understand the latter and use it often in more formal contexts. However, I prefer to say I am Bipolar. This is a big topic that deserves a whole post sometime.


I really don’t like this word. But I don’t like writing out people with bipolar disorder over and over again. And writing PWBD just feels odd to me. I like referring to Bipolars as neuroatypical and the nonbipolars as neurotypical. I feel like it is a better description of what is actually going on. But those two words are cumbersome and look almost exactly the same. So for now I will just say Bipolars. blah.


See above. Sometimes I like to call them Muggles which I get a kick out of but would only make sense to you if you know Harry Potter.


I have no problem with crazy. Many people do. I don’t want somebody on the outside to call us it and I would never use it as a weapon or approve of it being used as an insult. I never do and never will use it like that. But for me in my life and my writing and my space it is affectionate and descriptive and versatile in trying to share a feeling. That is why I use it.


Another one that just happens sometimes.  I don’t love it but it doesn’t bother me.

I hate the word illness

I hate the word disorder.

I especially hate mental illness. ewwwwwwww

I hate mood disorder too.

I just really don’t like commas

By the way I don’t care about conventional grammar rules and I like to make up words.

Oh and sometimes I swear.

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