Read This now If You Are Bipolar

Fighting Bipolar

We all have to do it.

We all get it.

It is the biggest thing that they will never truly understand about us.

It is the thing we most need acknowledged.

It is impossible to explain. It is impossible to describe. It is impossible to understand unless you are one of us.

The majority of the experience of Bipolar is not public. Not external.

The majority of the Bipolar experience is Silent. Hidden. Invisible. Internal.

It is our own private battle.

It is the daily fight to maintain balance.

And it is the all out war in the midst of a true episode.

And no matter how hard they try to encourage us to learn “skills” to cope

The truth is

We don’t have any true weapons

All we have

is our supernatural ability to withstand the beatings.

I don’t want to try to put it in words because it is something too raw for us.

But also because I don’t really have any words for it.

You didn’t lose the fight if you are sobbing beyond control

You didn’t lose because you can’t stop drinking the racing thoughts away

You didn’t lose because you hate yourself

You ARE withstanding the beatings.

When you are Bipolar your only choice is to fight for your balance, your wellness,

your LIFE.


We all do it.


The good stuff matters enough.

It just does.

Don’t let Bipolar lie to you.


We win every day

We are here


Add Yours
  1. DM

    Hi, There.

    I’ve been out of commission for a while going through some tough shite. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season.

    Anyway, I don’t know if this would be helpful to anyone, but an acquaintance told me about the following site, which includes a free download of a book that might be helpful. It looks at bipolar from a transcendent sort of experience and I found it very interesting to consider.

    Here’s the link for anyone who is interested (and if not, toss it to the side, LOL):

    I’m going to crawl back a while into my cocoon to heal up, LOL, but everyone have a blessed holiday and Happy New Year.


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