I have a confession to make


sorry for being so absent

i just really don’t have anything i feel like is worth saying

i have old stuff that never got around to being published but i just never feel like going back….

i always just want to write it out and hit publish bam done

like i never want to eat the leftovers i froze in the fridge

but maybe i’ll go ahead and publish some anyway


i’m not gonna write shit to just write shit.

and i’m just like still in break mode

still need to be in break mode but having “mood” issues so i keep falling off the wagon

if you’re reading my other blog than you know some of the great things i’ve been getting out of my break

some of my deep thoughts and inspirations

and i love it

but the demon mania/hypomania/hyperwhatevereverthefuck mixed with bouts of


so i thought i should come clean to you all……

did ya ever guess it?……


it’s true

i can see all of your jaws on the floor





feels good to finally be out


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