You’re Not Hot enough to be Crazy-Bipolar Women and the pressure to look good


I was watching a TV show last night in which a man said to a woman…

“You’re not hot enough to be crazy”

The implication was not that hotness is listed in the DSM as a defining characteristic of being crazy…


the implication was that crazy is only tolerable in an attractive woman.

a “hot” woman

now this man was smack you in the face obviously supposed to be a dickwad

and it wasn’t a romantic situation

but it struck me anyway

especially because it came on the heels of an interesting (as usual) conversation I had with another Bipolar woman.

and it was about this idea

it was us asking this question

is crazy more tolerable from attractive well put together woman.

Is that what society thinks?

So then to hear this line in this show just kind of saying it….

well it made me want to think about it

so here I am thinking about it.

So is this like A Thing?

I’m not a man so I don’t know if they have some standards for how much crazy they will deal with according to how pretty the girl is.

Are they willing to deal with the crazy if they get pretty out of it?

and what about the rest of society….what about in a more general sense?

is this how it goes?

“She’s nuts but she’s adorable”

so it’s endearing

“She’s a crazy bitch but look at that ass”

like it’s worth it?

it’s worth dealing with the crazy?

there is a compensation

and somehow a fair amount of attractiveness cancels out a fair amount of crazy….

especially when that attractiveness is brought about or combined with a level of maintenance that makes a woman look….

“put together”

It all makes sense in a way given that the world likes pretty people

it just IS that way

So yeah…

maybe you get a pass of some sort

when you’re hot

maybe you can even be hot “enough” that people will accept your crazy

maybe you can be hot enough that people may find your crazy





Crazy without Cute is just…..



And Crazy is a huge pain in the ass


Once as a child……… maybe 8 years old?….

I went to school with my hair in pigtails

Proud was I of the glorious silky tails and cutesy feminine bows…

I was a small woman child

already attaching importance to my appearance in a way I am certain the second grade gentlemen did not.

And I felt pretty and adorable

and I liked it….

but the point of telling you this is that on this particular day…..

I didn’t do my math homework….

and I was singled out and told off a bit…

I was embarrassed and shamed and all of that

and my first thought was….

da da DA!

At least I look good.


For some reason this story (and tons more like it) feels relevant to this post.


and For some reason it feels relevant to the rest of my years following….

my years as a woman

my years as a Bipolar Woman

because where does this idea of…

“You’re not hot enough to be crazy”

put all of us “Crazy” women

perhaps many of you do not relate to this issue

but I know that many of you do

how are we supposed to deal with this?

how DO we deal with this?

is it by freaking out about our appearance?

every pound

every wrinkle

Do we feel DOUBLE the responsibility to “look good”?

one…because we are a woman


two….because we’re starting behind…we’re already at a loss….

because we’re damaged goods…

we are already NOT WORTH IT

and we damn well better AT LEAST…

be nice to look at


Like if you’re going to screw up and be Bipolar you need to at least be pretty.

throw the world that bone

Pull yourself together

dress cute

be cute

fix your face

and don’t eat

and maybe we’ll let the crazy slide


Maybe we will say……

Oh yeah that girl is Bipolar…..



isn’t she pretty?











Add Yours
  1. Bradley

    I don’t even understand what “You’re not hot enough to be crazy” means. If you’re poor-you’re crazy, but if you’re rich – you’re eccentric has been the rule for some time, but I never heard it referenced by appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. morgueticiaatoms

    As one who has always had male friends and been considered “one of the guys” thus they don’t even bother with filters around me…The crazy-to-hot ratio is indeed a thing. R reminds me daily when he mentions this ex of his who had paranoid delusions yet..she was petite, blonde, and pretty so…all was worthwhile.
    Whereas I am not pretty enough for my crazy to be worthwhile.
    Yeah, it’s a thing and it sucks and the worst part is…Even if you look amazing, there comes a point where the crazy overwhelms or ceases to be a novelty and they bail anyway.
    Imagine if a woman were to say a man is only acceptable if ugly but has a big bank balance…
    They will never draw the parallel.

    Liked by 2 people

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