Bipolar Rants

It is interesting to me that people often come to this site using search terms such as Bipolar rants.

They invariably read this piece.

And I added a note at the top to explain what I meant when I used the term “rants”.

I find this disturbing and sad and a touch bewildering. Because I am not exactly sure what they are looking for…what they are thinking of…what they are experiencing that makes them type those words.

But I thought it was something worthwhile to share with you all.

What is happening out there that brings someone to search for those terms?

I guess the image my mind conjures is some angry crazy hostile out of control person going off unfairly and meanly on other people…whether loved ones or service providers.


That’s not cool.

Not cool at all.

The kind of ranting I was referring to on this blog is just the outpouring of raw crazy emotion in a desperate unhostile I need help and support kind of a way. In writing…through email or text or on an online support site.  Or verbally on the phone or with a friend.  And the readers I knew of at the time also referred to rants in this way.

These “rants” usually contain one or more of the following themes…(Including but not limited to)

  1. Bemoaning the foreverness of Bipolar
  2. Why me?????   type statements
  3. Frustration with loved ones who don’t understand
  4. Loneliness
  5. Questioning one’s ability to withstand it
  6. Frustration with stigma and being treated like shit
  7. Long drawn out accounts of current personal issues in relationships and work and whatnot
  8. Frustration with Doctors who don’t get it
  9. Helpless frustration at being unable to procure any decent help or support.
  10. Fear
  11. And yeah possibly some Anger.  Anger at Bipolar and anger about the unlucky draw.

But being mean and hostile and out of control.  I am being honest when I say I have no experience doing this or hearing this.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  It just means that it may not happen enough that deserves to be a Bipolar “thing”,

Hostile ranting is not in and of itself a symptom of Bipolar disorder anymore than doing illegal drugs or having affairs are a symptom of Bipolar disorder.

I can concede that there are aspects of Bipolar disorder that may make these things more likely than they are for normies.  But since a staggering number of normies do these things as well and as I do not have any personal experience in my life or in the lives of those Bipolars I have been around….I refuse to conclude that these things are part and parcel of Bipolar.

So if you landed here after searching for Bipolar rants please be assured that unleashing aggression, hostility, and anger on other humans is not something Bipolar people just do.  Please be assured that we are not an angry, unhinged group of people.

If you have a Bipolar person in your life who is “ranting” raving, raging at you like this.  I am sorry.  That is terrible.  I hope they get the help they need and that you have the support you need in dealing with it.  Consider that it is not a necessary part of Bipolar and you do not have to resign yourself to it.  Consider also what else may be causing it.

And remember that many people with Bipolar don’t do that.

Click around a bit on this site to get a bigger picture of the Bipolar experience.  Keep in mind that we don’t all pepper our language with swear words.  That is just me!

If you are Bipolar and you came here because you searched Bipolar rants?  What did you want to find?  I hope you also can get the help that you need.  Because I am sure that you are in a lot pain if you are doing those things.

As for me.  The closest I ever got to a manic rant in public was when I informed the lady at McDonald’s that I was taking my business to Wendy’s.  (this is a fabulous story I will be sure to tell you another time.  Yay! Something for you to look forward to)

I do not think she could have given less of a shit if she had tried.  And she didn’t have to try very hard as I was so obligingly ridiculous.

And I am not sure I could have looked more foolish.  Actually yes I could.  I have gamely stepped up to the plate to prove that at many other times.

As for my experience of my definition of “rant”.  I am an expert if I do say it myself.

So let’s wrap this one up.


Bipolar people are not crazy angry and violent people.  Don’t throw us all in that pot because of your one bad experience.


If you are being mean and hostile to people get some good help and figure out what is going on. You can’t do that shit.  You give us all a bad name.  And we already HAVE bad name.

This seems to be as good a time as any to….check out these links about mental illness and violence

The Link Between Violence and Mental Illness Is Inaccurate and Unfair


I’m Depressed, Not Dangerous

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